Conext SW PDP Solar Power Distribution Panel

Save installation time and money with SW Power Distribution Panels

The Conext™ SW Power Distribution Panels are pre-wired out of the box and labeled to support the integration of Conext SW inverter/chargers with a Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controller, battery bank and load centers. Designed to save installers significant time, effort and costs on every installation, the Distribution Panels offer excellent value when compared to customized options.

The solution set includes a DC distribution panel complete with a pre-installed 250 A DC breaker and additional breaker slots for integrating multiple DC power sources. AC distribution panels are also available for 120/240 VAC and 230 VAC requirements, pre-installed with multiple AC breakers for integrating AC power sources and loads. Each AC panel also supports the integration of fuel-based generators providing a central load center for managing an installation’s AC power needs.

Part number

  • SW DC Breaker Panel – 865-1016
    • 250A, 160VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-250 included
    • 125A, 125VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-125
    • 100A, 125VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-100
    • 80A, 125VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-80
    • 60A, 160VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-60
  • SW AC Breaker Panel 230 V – 865-1017-61
  • SW AC Breaker Panel 120/240V – 865-1017


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Conext XW PDP Solar Power Distribution Panels

Save installation time and money with the factory-wired and labeled Power Distribution Panels for the XW system

The Conext™ XW Power Distribution Panels (XW PDP and Mini PDP) are factory-wired and labeled to support the integration of multiple Conext XW series inverter/chargers and Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers with a single battery bank. The XW PDP and Mini PDP ships with breakers, bus bars and cables to install a single XW series inverter/charger. With space to add wiring and breakers, a single XW PDP and Mini PDP supports one XW series inverter/charger, a diesel generator and either an MPPT 80 600 or MPPT 60 150 Solar Charge Controller. The XW PDP and Mini PDP support single-phase, split-phase or three-phase installations. A field-reversible door and multiple conduit knockout entry points allow for the XW PDP and Mini PDP enclosure to be mounted and configured on either side of the inverter/charger.

Conext XW Power Distribution Panels help you save significant time and money during installation when compared to custom solutions. A mounting bracket and Conext XW Conduit Box are also supplied with each XW PDP and Mini PDP.

Part number

  • XW Mini PDP – 865-1013-01
  • XW Power Distribution Panel – 865-1015-01
  • XW Power Distribution Panel (without AC breakers) – 865-1014-01
  • XW Installation Kit for INV2 INV 3 PDP – 865-1020-02
  • XW Conduit Box – 865-1025-01
  • 250A, 160VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-250
  • 125A, 125VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-125
  • 100A, 125VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-100
  • 80A, 125VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-80 
  • 60A, 160VDC, Panel Mount DC Breaker (1 unit) – 865-DCBRK-60 


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Conext Battery Solar Combiner Box

Combine, connect and disconnect Conext inverter/chargers with battery bank

The Conext™ Battery Fuse Combiner Box 250 combines up to three Conext XW+ inverter/chargers with one battery bank using a single battery pole disconnect method and provides fuse protection for cables, batteries and inverter/chargers. Two Battery Fuse Combiner Box 250s can be configured side-by-side to accommodate dual battery pole disconnection requirements. A smaller, more compact Battery Fuse Combiner Box 160 is available for battery side application with Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.

Part number

  • Battery Fuse Combiner Box 160 – 865-1030-01
  • Battery Fuse Combiner Box 250 – 865-1031-01


Battery-Solar-Combiner-Box-quick-install-guide-975-0719-01-01_rev-a_eng.pdf DOWNLOAD

Conext Configuration Tool

The Conext™ Configuration tool is used by system installers to simplify the task of system configuration and reduce installation time. It’s a PC-based software tool that works on systems that include the Conext™ XW Pro, XW+, SW, and peripherals. The Conext Configuration tool is not meant to replace the Conext™ System Control Panel (SCP), Conext™ Gateway or any other monitoring devices. Those monitoring devices may still be required to monitor the Conext System and components. Software and drivers for the Conext Configuration Tool are under the downloads section (Firmware). Conext Config USB Driver is firmware used for general installation setup. Conext Config Tool Software_AI (Anti-Islanding) is used when 2 or more inverters are installed in parallel on a single phase connection (See Conext XW+ Multi-Unit Power System Design Guide under the downloads section (Technical Publications). It is also used if there is a specific requirement by a utility.

Part number

  • Conext Configuration Tool – 865-1155-01



Conext SCP: Solar System Control Panel

Monitor and configure Conext Inverter Charger Systems and Xanbus
enabled accessories

The Conext™ System Control Panel (SCP) eliminates the need for separate control panels for each device and gives a single point of control to set up and monitor the entire Conext inverter charger system, including Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers. Featuring a graphical backlit liquid crystal display, the SCP selectively displays configuration, status and diagnostic information for all devices connected to the Xanbus network.

Part number

  • Conext™ System Control Panel – 865-1050-01


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Conext AGS: Solar Power System Automatic Generator Start

Automatically start and stop a generator to meet power needs

The Conext™ Automatic Generator Start (AGS) can automatically activate or stop a generator in response to changing power requirements. Excellent addition to an off-grid or backup power system, the AGS seamlessly connects to the Xanbus network and shares status information with all other devices on the network. It can monitor a set of system user-programmable parameters such as battery voltage, state of charge or grid power and can activate the generator in response to any changes. The Conext™ AGS can also be configured remotely using the Conext™ System Control Panel (SCP) or Gateway to engage a generator and can assist an inverter/charger when output power demands are high.

Part number

  • Conext™ Automatic Generator Start – 865-1060-01


NEW-Conext-AGS-EU-Declaration-of-Conformity-965-0018-01-01_ENG.pdf DOWNLOAD
20100917-AGS-CSA-UL-Certification-of-Compliance.pdf DOWNLOAD

Conext Battery Monitor: Solar Battery Monitoring System

Battery bank monitoring with battery string health detection
Conext™ Battery Monitor indicates hours of battery based runtime and determines battery bank state of charge. Conext Battery Monitor shares key battery bank parameters with Conext XW Pro or XW+ inverter/chargers improving overall system performance of 24V and 48V battery banks. Detecting battery string imbalance is determined using innovative mid-point sensing technology providing time to address the issue before performance is significantly impacted.

Part number

  • Conext™ Battery Monitor – 865-1080-01



Conext Gateway

Advanced solar and battery system control solution

The new Conext™ Gateway provides local system configuration and management as well as live system monitoring for the residential and commercial range of solar and battery applications. To accelerate the installation and system setup process, the Conext™ Gateway offers wireless access point (WAP) connectivity along with more intuitive configuration and system management tools. To give users better insights into your solar system performance, the Conext™ Gateway’s graphing and reporting interfaces are completely updated. The Conext™ Gateway together with Insight will bring system monitoring and remote management to the cloud.

Part number

  • Conext™ Gateway – 865-0329



Conext Insight

Powerful yet simple energy management software for residential & commercial users

Insight brings intuitive monitoring and control to both homeowners and commercial site operators as well as solar installers. Rich features such as monitoring, reporting, and remote control ensure that everyone can access critical system information when you need it from anywhere at any time.

Some of the key features of Insight include:

Simple and intuitive user experience
Access from anywhere at any time
Performance monitoring, reporting, and remote control of your system at your fingertips
Multi-site management
Compliance with international cybersecurity standards



MPPT Disconnect RS for NEC 2017 Compliance

Easy to install and commission for Rapid Shutdown PV arrays and NEC 2017 compliance

The MPPT Disconnect RS is an accessory for the Conext™ MPPT 60 150, MPPT 80 600, and MPPT 100 600 charge controllers. It provides a disconnect for the photovoltaic (PV) circuits, an integrated Rapid Shutdown transmitter, and arc fault detection for enhanced safety.

With powerline communication, the MPPT Disconnect RS is compatible with Tigo® TS4-F (Fire Safety) for compliance with NEC 2017 670.12.

Part number

  • MPPT Disconnect RS – 865-1036
  • RS Initiator Switch – 865-1039


Datasheet -MPPT-Disconnect-RS.pdfDOWNLOAD
MPPT-Disconnect-RS-2-Year_Contractual-Warranty.pdf DOWNLOAD
CT20190918_Certificate-of-Compliance_80012968_EN_MPPT-Disconnect-RS-Conext-MPPT-80-600.pdf DOWNLOAD
CT20190918_Certificate-of-Compliance_80012967_EN_MPPT-Disconnect-RS-Conext-MPPT-60-150.pdf DOWNLOAD