Sustainable Energy Solutions For NGOs & Foundations


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Your One-Window Partner for Sustainable Development: We are dedicated to supporting NGOs and
foundations in their journey to create lasting, positive change in communities.

Solar Power Generation Systems

Sector: Education & Health
CSR Impact: Providing reliable solar power systems to schools and health centers ensures uninterrupted services, improving the quality of education and healthcare in rural areas.

Solar Water Pumping Solutions

Sector: Agriculture
CSR Impact: Enhancing irrigation efficiency and productivity with solar water pumps promotes sustainable agricultural practices, improving farmers’ livelihoods and ensuring food security.

Innovative Agri-Solutions

Sector: Harvesting & Agro-Processing
CSR Impact:      Boosting agricultural productivity and processing efficiency supports rural livelihoods and economic development in farming communities.

Solar Portable Lamps

Sector: Individual & Household
CSR Impact: Providing reliable lighting solutions through solar portable lamps enhances the quality of life for families in off-grid areas, improving safety and extending productive hours.

Solar Micro Grids

Sector: Community Electrification CSR Impact: Delivering sustainable power to entire communities fosters economic development, improves living standards, and reduces reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Remote Monitoring System

CSR Impact: Our remote monitoring system allows NGOs and foundations to manage their network of solar systems efficiently, reducing the need for site visits and ensuring optimal performance and maintenance.

Intelligent Energy Storage System (iESS)

CSR Impact: Ensuring efficient energy storage and management with iESS supports continuous and reliable power supply, enhancing the sustainability of energy projects.

Solar Rooftop

CSR Impact: As an authorized empanelled vendor for rooftop solar in Uttar Pradesh under UPNEDA, we provide high-quality solar rooftop systems that reduce energy costs and environmental impact for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and community centers.

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