BESS - Li Ion Battery Energy Storage Solutions/ MicroGrids

Control Electric Introduce the “ BESS /Microgrid” Hybrid and offgrid products solutions segment. A BESS unit is a plug-n-play integrated power Storage Unit. This is the new Hybrid/Off Grid solution for Micro-grid/Commercial/Residential & Industrial applications.
Delivering proven value at a competitive price, CECPL PSU provides the best value for hybrid/ off-grid solar, self-consumption and long-term backup for homes, small business and small remote communities.
The PSU comprises of

  • Solar compatible charger that energizes a Li-Ion battery bank,
  • High Efficiency Inverter that powers AC loads from the battery bank and
  • Li-Ion Battery with double the life of a Lead Acid Battery.

An advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in the PCU controls the power flow by maximizing solar power harvesting, provides uninterrupted power and reduces the utility charges and gas bill on diesel generators