Zero Export Device

Most of the EPC companies face challenges when Power from Solar Power Plant flows to GRID, where net metering is not available It can results into increase the bill of the customer/Client. This problems occurs, if the running load is less than the solar power generated and power flows towards the grid.

CECPL has a field proven, time tested, product solution which works equally well on Grid Export where for example:

  • Grid where net metering is not possible or available,
  • Grid export is not needed by end client,
  • Grid export is disallowed by Discoms,
  • Grid export is allowed, but only during certain Time of Day,
  • Grid export is allowed but limited to fixed MWHr per day.

The conditions for Solar Grid Sync arise when load drops to less than Power Produced by Solar Power Plant [e.g. on Saturday, Sundays and other holidays]. This could also happen during a normal day when load is less than power produced by a solar power plant [ like during lunch time or during shift change or immediately after a power source change over]. Or a sudden load trip.