In gross metering , a consumer is compensated at a fixed feed-in-tariff for the total number of units of solar energy generated and fed into grid the consumer then pays the discom at a retail supply tariff for the solar power consumed.
The conditions for Solar DG Sync arise when load drops to less than Power Produced by Solar Power Plant [e.g. on Saturday, Sundays and other holidays]. This could also happen during a normal day when load is less than power produced by a solar power plant [ like during lunch time or during shift change or immediately after a power source change over]. Or a sudden load trip. Which results in DG Malfunctioning.
On-Grid systems also known as a grid-tied system. It is one that works with local utility’s companies through reference Power. On the other hand, an off-grid system is a system that is totally independent of the national electric grid with a battery bank. Hybrid systems are systems that have two generation sources e.g a solar powered system with storage and a generator. It combines the best approaches of both on-grid and off-grid systems. It could be connected to the national electric grid too and sell the power to the Electric Grid.
Solar Batteries is used to store energy produced by solar panels for later use or backup power. When you install a solar battery you are able to store excess solar electricity at your home instead of sending it to the grid .Advantages of Battery based system are: Greater Energy Security, Reduce your home’s carbon footprint ,low electricity bill, Unlimited power supply ,free source of power.
To reduce Diesel Consumption and energy cost with battery based and grid tie solution for telecom is in huge demand .By using solar solutions operation of towers and supply availability can be improved at lower cost .
Solar panels do work in cloudy days solar panels will generate about 10-25% of their normal power output on cloudy days.
At Least 800 meter sq. area is needed to install 100kW solar Panels .
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Yes ,we can use Air Conditioning with On Off Grid and Hybrid Solar System you need to install a Solar System based on your AC power ratings.
It’s high time you should go solar if you pay 1500 and above electricity bill, frequent power cuts, want to use green energy or sustainable energy or renewable energy.
Solar panels work on the principle called PHOTOVOLTAIC. The solar panels are made of silicon cells which form a P-N junction. When sunlight hits a silicon atom it separates an electron from an atom, this electron flows in the circuit to give you current.
Solar Rooftop systems consist of solar panels, inverters, safety systems, which help you generate energy on your roof and help you reduce your electricity bill and dependence on you on the grid.
It depends on what type of system you have installed, if you have a solar hybrid system then the solar panels will charge your batteries and supply your load during power cuts. If you have a solar on-grid system the solar inverter is turned off for the safety of the people working on the grid line during power cuts.
Yes, Go for a solar hybrid rooftop system.
Cleaning solar panels is very easy; you just need to use a wet cloth or a water hose to clean. Make sure you clean only the top layer of the solar panels. The frequency depends on the dust present in your area and the seasons of the year. If your area has more dust clean ones a week. Rainy seasons may not need any cleaning. Make it a point to not to clean with salt water.
Tire one solar panels have typically got a performance warranty up to 27 years.
As there are no moving parts in the solar system the maintenance is very less. The only thing you have to take care is cleaning the panels whenever dust sits on it.
Use our solar calculator to calculate installation cost and savings.
Yes, Many banks provide loans for the solar system. Now you can include the solar system in the house loan also.