SMB – String Monitoring Box

We are one of the leading manufacturer of DC combiner boxes which are required in small and big solar power plants projects. PV combiner boxes are used between PV arrays and inverter. It helps to reduce cable distance, maintenance and improve dependability. We provide highly reliable and easy to use combiner boxes to meet all your local and power industry regulations. EPC players can put Same number and type of PV modules in arrays. It can be connected to PV combiner box to distribute DC power through SPD and breakers for safety of the solar power plant. DC combiner boxes are provided with DC SPD’s according to number of MPPT’s, string level protection and breakers. We have an expertise in manufacturing of smart DC company which can provide string level monitoring for larger plants.
  • 1 to 16 input strings which can be customized.
  • DC circuit breakers are of minimum 1LOOOV DC rating which are safe and reliable.
  • DC fuses.
  • SPD protection and numbers will depend on MPPT’s.
  • Our smart DC combiner boxes can provide bus voltage with remote monitoring and it can even generate alarm and send message to maintenance team.